Sunday, May 25, 2014

From the east coast to the west coast: Last day of rest

This is day 9 of my mid-trip vacation. After arriving in St. John's on May 16th, I spent the better part of the week on the east coast hiking around Signal Hill and taking in the atmosphere on George street before flying to Vancouver on May 22nd. If you're in St. John's and need to pack your bike for a flight, I highly recommend having the guys at Freeride Mountain Sports do it for you. They did a great job making sure Gracie was well protected for her plane ride.

While in Vancouver I've been hanging out with my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew, and re-stocking for the second leg. The big difference with the second part of the trip is that I expect the weather to improve significantly so I'll be camping as much as possible, starting tomorrow.

My legs will likely be a little creaky after 9 days off the bike, but I'm excited to get back out there. As an added bonus, my sister is going to join me for the next two days on the road!

From my days in St. John's...

Signal Hill

Kissing the Cod as I get 'Screeched In' at Trapper John's.

Arrived in Vancouver. View from my sister's living room.

Me and Jack getting ready to attack the Grouse Grind.

Jack lost me pretty quickly in a blur of speed.

Top of Grouse. Jack beat me to the top in 47:45 minutes, it took me 48:17.

Resident Grizzly came out to say hi to the locals.

 Descending Grouse.

Rear tire on the left is pretty bald after 3180km with all the gear piled on top of it. Gracie made it through the entire first leg of the trip without a flat so I rewarded her with brand new tires and tubes for the second leg.

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