Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 30: the road to Gander

I put in my 100km today (94km, to be exact), and other than some annoying headwind the weather was very cooperative.

There isn't anything of note to report for the day, which is a great opportunity to reflect on the more subtle benefits of this trip.  Seeing the country is great,  meeting new people is fun, and figuring out where I'm going to end up each day is an interesting exercise, but none of these things on their own match up to the satisfaction of simply completing the daily ride.

Riding through a completely new 100km of this country each day takes time and a certain degree of focus. If I do nothing else,  or don't experience anything out of the ordinary,  I still find myself in a completely new and unique place each day with a nice sense of accomplishment.

I'm taking it easy tonight in Gander,  vaguely planning the next few days and looking forward to St. John's at the end of the week!

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