Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 24: Port Aux Basques to...halfway to Corner Brook

Ever since this ride started I've been concerned about Newfoundland. I knew I was leaving too early in the year to guarantee good weather, and this had been a particularly long lasting east coast winter as it is. Add to that the fact that there is no short cut through the province which means it will take at least nine days, if not longer to get to St. Johns, so I figured I was in for a rough time.

I'm happy to report that my first day of riding through Newfoundland was absolutely stunning. I had incredible scenery, cool-not-cold temperatures, and brilliant sunshine for the whole day. I was anticipating problems with the big elevation spikes,  but the hills all felt very gradual and easy to manage.

It turns out taking yesterday off was just what the doctor ordered. My legs felt fresh, and my achilles are much looser and more mobile. I picked up a couple of ankle braces in POB which made for a more comfortable ride today.  I suspect some of my issues are caused by insufficient insulation for my ankles. They always hurt most after rides where I'm subjected to freezing rain and so far there's been nothing between my poor ankles and the freezing elements except a thin cotton sock. The braces provide some nice compression as the mild swelling recedes, but perhaps more important - they provide a nice extra layer of insulation. After 110km on the bike today I can confidently say my legs, ankles and feet feel great.

There's nothing between Port Aux Basques and Corner Brook except a single motel halfway between the two - appropriately named 'Midway Motel', which is my lodging for the night.  Tomorrow,  Corner Brook.

Leaving Port Aux Basques

Yup, I rode into cleavage.

I couldn't figure out why there were two benches set up facing each other by the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere,  but this should happen more often. 

Does anyone know what these are? Very random but cool.

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