Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 32: Clarenville to Whitbourne

Today was a challenge and the elevation guide I've been using was WAY off. I was surprised by several steep hills that came out of nowhere, and the heights were often underlisted by more than 50 meters. Making everything worse was the relentless headwind. It was so persistent that many of the trees on the side of the highway were permanently slanted.

I put in exactly 100km today,  but it felt like a lot more. Let's just say I had to spend most of the ride in my 'happy place'.

I'm resting up in Whitbourne tonight before tomorrow's ride in to St. John's.

I've seen far too many of these along the side of the highway.

Crazy headwind today.


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  1. So exciting Mark! Congrats on tomorrow's arrival in St. John's!