Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 27: Day of the caribou

I covered 100km today through cool and rainy conditions, 2587km overall. It was a dreary day in terms of weather,  but a comfortable day of riding. On a positive note, I saw my first,  second and third caribou of the trip. The first one popped out of the woods and paced me on the other side of the drainage ditch for more than 100 meters. I think he was trying to determine if he could get up in front of me to cross the street,  but couldn't quite go fast enough to get ahead of me.  He eventually stopped,  and so did I. He stayed there looking at me long enough for me get out my camera,  unlock it and grab some pics before he turned and trotted across the street.  The other two caribou seemed equally casual about my presence. It was pretty cool.

Aside from the caribou, my concern for the day was trying to confirm a motel en route.  Locals were giving mixed information about the status of Burnt Berry Motel.  Some said it was open,  others said it was closed,  and the phone number went to an answering machine that was inconclusive. Google and my guidebook gave no other alternatives in the vicinity so I was gambling that either it would be open,  or something else would pop up. Otherwise I might have been on my own until hitting Grand Falls 200km away.

Turns out the Burnt Berry was in fact closed,  but the Junction Inn magically popped up at just the right time.

Tomorrow I should reach Grand Falls,  and the options fore accommodations should open up considerably from here on in.

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