Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 35: Arrival in Hope

Today was the best day off riding so far. Sunshine and 18 degrees with a gentle tailwind through unbelievably beautiful country. My sister not only recovered from yesterday's ride, but kept up a commendable pace which meant we arrived in Hope a full 3 hours earlier than planned. After a nice dinner and a well earned pint, my sister heads back to Vancouver with 170km of cycling over two days under her belt.

I'm thankful for the great weather, welcome company and relatively easy rides these last two days because tomorrow will be the most challenging ride of the entire trip. I have a steady 1350 meter elevation climb to deal with,  and the highest climb I've had to handle so far has been 450 meters.

Me and Gracie are going to get a good night's rest and mentally prepare for the monster that awaits is in the morning.


Making new friends.

Downtown Hope.

My sanctuary for the night.

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