Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 21: Three Weeks - 2050km, 5 Provinces

Today was a challenging ride,  and tomorrow should be more of the same - if not more so. I covered 132km that was entirely hills, and tomorrow I'll need to cover 140km of - you guessed it - more hills!

I left Pictou this morning (somewhat hungover), made it into Cape Breton this afternoon and will be doing nothing but resting,  stretching,  and fueling for tomorrow's ride. I've booked my ticket for tomorrow on the North Sydney ferry to Port aux Basques.  Newfoundland,  I'm on my way!

Today's lunch spot. 

This storm front followed me out of Antigonish for quite some time before deciding to change direction and spare me.

Canso Causeway to Cape Breton. 

Today's ride took me just past Port Hastings on this elevation chart. Tomorrow I need to make it to North Sydney. 

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