Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 23: Sleep

Today wasn't a riding day.  I don't want to beat a dead horse,  but I'm going to go back to the hell of yesterday.

I arrived at the ferry late last night soaking wet and covered in snow. It was definitely a choice on my part, but I don't have winter riding clothes with me, just a hoodie,  and running pants. This has been surprisingly fine in the cold,  but it's no match for dealing with wet cold.

I spent the eight hours on the ferry drying my clothes on the vents and trying to get circulation back in my feet. By the time I got to Port Aux Basques I was completely exhausted. Needless to day, today has been about sleep.

It turns out today was pretty clear and would have been a good riding day,  but once I got feeling back in my lower legs I realized I must have aggravated my achilles issues during yesterday's ride because both ankles were barking today. It's good that I took the day off, tomorrow I'll be fresh and rearing to go.

Port Aux Brasques this afternoon

A couple leftover shots on the way to Cape Breton from yesterday,  before the weather went south.

Arriving in Newfoundland this morning.

 Giving Gracie a shower.

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  1. Hey man... i have a contact in Terra Nova NP who could put you up. Also know someone in Cavendish if you're planning a stop in around there who would put you up at the drop of a newfie hat.