Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 69: Thunder Bay to Rossport

I decided to combine two of the guidebook's recommended ride days into one. In hindsight I can see why they were separated. Two long steep hills between Nipigon and Rossport made the 176km ride seem much longer.  Add in the heat and I think I consumed a record amount of water today.

All that being said, I really enjoyed today's ride. I ran into several more cross-country cyclists today,  both on the road and at rest stops. We compared war stories and you'll be happy to know the incessant headwind hasn't been in my imagination. Everyone I've spoken to so far has been shocked at the volume of headwind coming through the prairies.

I've found it interesting seeing the different people and  group configurations doing the cross-country trek. Couples have been the largest demographic so far,  followed by buddies on an adventure,  and very few individuals. Of The individuals,  most seem to have hooked up with another person or group along the way. While I enjoy meeting people on the way and hanging out with fellow cyclists, I still prefer to keep my rides solo.

Thunder Bay about to make some thunder last night

Terry Fox Monument

Nipigon River

Rossport campground

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