Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 50: Saskatchewan

Today I entered Saskatchewan, my 8th province of the trip - not counting Ontario as it's where I started and I'll be reentering it on my way home.

Today didn't seem quite as flat as I was expecting. It wasn't a challenge,  but there were a fair number of rolling hills to keep the landscape interesting. I also saw my first buffalo and antelope, although I wasn't close enough to get good pictures. Blurry pics below.

The road between Medicine Hat and Maple Creek is pretty desolate. There is one convenience store halfway between the two - and that's it. There used to be a restaurant attached to the convenience store but it's since closed down.

I thought I lucked out in that the campground I'm staying at has a restaurant onsite,  but they just told me it's only open weekends during the off season. How is June 11th off season???

So now I'll go off in search of food and then rest up for my ride to Swift Current in the morning.

I had some help packing up my gear in the morning

World's largest teepee in Medicine Hat

Distant shot of Buffalo

Closer,  grainy shot of same buffalo

Long shot of antelope (the two smudges in the centre of the pic)

My lodgings for the night

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