Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 59: 196km and out of Saskatchewan

Given the short days this past week,  I was eager to get a lot of miles in today and finally get out of Saskatchewan. I knew there were going to be showers on and off today, I was just hoping the wind and temperature wouldn't gang up on me as well and push me off the road.

The first 75km were perfect. The wind was from the north-east, but not strong enough be anything more than a minor nuisance - and it was pushing the storm clouds to the north of me around my back. The rest of the day was a different story.

The weather for the last 120km wasn't ideal, but I was determined to get across the border. More storm clouds formed in every direction around me and for the rest of the day the wind took turns pushing each of them into me. In total I had three separate showers hit me, and I had thunder and lightning pounding all around me. There was a nasty storm chasing me from behind as I got closer to the border, but sure enough,  as soon as I hit Manitoba it held its ground.

I know is not fair to blame a province for bad weather,  but I can't help but be thankful to put Saskatchewan behind me.

Qu'Appelle River

5:30am, about to climb out of Qu'Appelle valley

Morning has broken...

Great weather heading in to Melville, and then...

The storm clouds started surrounding me

This storm was following me out of Saskatchewan,  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to outride it.

Made it! 

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