Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 57: Washed out

Today's weather forecast called for more head wind and, of course, thunder storms. I had no intention of messing with this so I immediately went to the front desk to let them know I'll be staying an extra day. I'm told they're all booked up so I need to find other accommodations - lucky me! I made it 23km down the highway before getting washed off the road. I'm waiting out the wind and rain at a little motel in Balgonie,  but tomorrow's forecast doesn't look any better.

So another day of crappy weather and short distance. If not for the weather this past week I'd be halfway through Manitoba by now. At this rate I don't think I'll ever get out of this province.

I woke up to rain and the promise of head wind. 

I had brief pockets of dry weather but the rain was never far off. 

My cover from the rain. 

Yup. This is my day.

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