Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 44: So long, British Columbia

Today's ~900m climb marks the last day of significant hills for a while. It's relatively flat or downhill until Ontario, and even then it looks like the biggest climbs are only in the 150-200m range,  and not many at that.

I'll definitely miss the Rockies for the beauty and sheer scale of the landscape around me, but my legs are looking forward to a little break. A week of days with extreme elevation shifts is starting to wear on me,  but I'm certainly not complaining. The Rockies have carved my legs into machines ready for any terrain,  and I'm eager to take on those prairies with a little extra muscle to get Gracie up to the next level of cruising speed.

For tonight,  I'm staying at Lake Louise hostel because apparently the campground isn't open. I'm told they're having problems with the electric fence and since there are a bunch of bears in the area they closed the tent sites. I told them I've already run into bears and we seem to get along fine but they weren't buying it.

Side note- I only post a fraction of the pictures I take so as to not overwhelm the blog,  but since this is my last full day in the Rockies,  I'll post a few more than usual.

Leaving Golden

Pit stop

I didn't pass any signs welcoming me to Alberta, but my gps indicated this was probably the spot where I crossed the border. Also,  it's not visible in this pic but I'm getting lightly snowed on. 

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