Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 55: Moose Jaw

No headwind and no rain today, yay! The terrain from Herbert to Moose Jaw was very flat and downhill making for a nice quick pace. Covering 132km, today alone I bumped up my west coast average speed by .2km/hr.

As an aside, I recalculated my plan for the rest of the trip and realized I'm considerably behind schedule. I did a great job of anticipating my pace on the east coast leg, arriving in St. John's one day ahead of schedule, even with taking four unscheduled days off. Right now I'm four days behind schedule for arrival back in Toronto - and that's with taking no more days off, which is unlikely.

Having said that, I'm in no real rush to get back. My only firm deadline is July 22nd based on a previously set engagement,  otherwise I can take my time. My only concern at this point is weather. I had a much higher tolerance for bad weather earlier in the trip than I do now. If I get hit with another streak of bad weather it remains to be seen how willing I'll be to keep sacrificing riding days. Hopefully the weather stays on my side and I don't have to find out.

 Leaving Herbert

 This isn't snow

Easy, Gracie... We're here,  you can slow down.

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