Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 41-42: 265km from Penticton to Vernon to Revelstoke

More beautiful scenery riding through the Okanagan Valley on the way to Vernon,  through Kelowna.

I've figured out that given the same elevation climb, I prefer short,  steep hills as opposed to longer ones with gentler grades. The longer ones seem to eat up too much time and are generally more demoralizing because I can't usually see the summit for quite a while. With shorter hills I can psyche myself up for the strong push and then recover, rather than the slow drain of the long ones. Just something that occurred to me today.

Anyway,  I have two more days with long climbs then it's downhill and relatively flat through the prairies. Until then,  I'll enjoy the beautiful scenery as I slowly trudge up those hills.

Leaving Penticton.

Bridge to Kelowna. 

Entering Vernon

 This was the storm I should have run into today, but it stayed just ahead of me for a couple of hours then veered away.

You can see here just how close I was to running into it. 

Making my way into Revelstoke.

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