Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 60: 213km and Mother Nature strikes again!

Today was a bit of an adventure. I decided to put in another long day to make up some more ground,  and I figured I had good weather to do it.  The planned 213km route was supposed to be pretty boring, with only a couple of small towns between Roblin and The Narrows,  broken up by flat relatively featureless terrain.   The first 115km were exactly as expected - comfortably warm with some gentle sprinkles here and there.

By the time I got to Ste. Rose du Lac, I noticed that a bunch of angry-looking clouds were ganging up behind me. In less than 20 minutes I was hit with the most intense storm I've ever experienced. The wind was so strong and so sudden that it knocked me off my bike before I had a chance to dismount. The rain and hail were blinding, and all I could do was hold Gracie in a bear hug and try to keep from being driven into the ditch. The thunder and lightning made me very aware of the fact that I was in a big open plain holding onto a steel bicycle,  but there wasn't anything I could do but brace myself and hope it would pass. I have no way of gauging wind speed but I honestly thought a tornado was about to hit me.

Fortunately it was as brief as it was intense.
After a few minutes it blew off ahead and left only a few straggler clouds to keep me wet for the rest of the ride. I arrived at Narrows West Resort just in time to grab their last room. After assessing what I must have ridden through to get there,  the desk clerk immediately assured me the on-site bar was stocked and ready. Can you guess where I am now?

Halfway through the ride I could clearly see things going from good to bad

Leaving Roblin 

 There are three separate rain systems in this picture. They eventually converge on top of me

 It makes its way in front of me. In about 10 minutes I get destroyed


Lake Manitoba

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