Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 45-48: Two lazy days in Calgary and arriving in Bassano

I decided to pack 2 days rides into 1 and cover 190km to get in to Calgary on Friday. It was great weather to ride in,  and interesting to watch the Rockies slowly disappear around me and the horizon open up in front of me.

Coming in to Calgary I got another flat tire, which makes it 2 in the last 1000km. I was convinced the tires I got in Vancouver were too narrow for the amount of weight I was carrying,  but it turns out they've just been under-inflated. I've increased the pressure and I'll give them one more try. If I have another flat in the next 500km, I'll consider getting bigger tires.

After getting in to Calgary I decided to take a day off and leave for Bassano on Saturday- which turned into taking 2 days off and leaving today (Monday). I was able to visit my uncle and cousin,  and hang out with an old high school friend so it was good use of two days off the bike.

The ride from Calgary to Bassano (150km) was pretty swift, although the wind gusts could be very intense and often had me leaning to my left just to keep the bike upright. I also had a fair share of rain and even some hail for the ride, but nothing too distracting.

Tomorrow is another 150km ride to get in to Medicine Hat.

 Morning at Lake Moraine

Lake Louise

Leaving Lake Louise

 Visiting my uncle Mike and cousin Melissa

Leaving Calgary

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