Wednesday, April 23, 2014


1. What's your route?
I'm riding from Toronto to St. Johns Newfoundland, flying to Vancouver BC, then cycling back to Toronto. The reason I'm not riding directly from coast to coast is that I want to start and finish at my front door,  and only worry about one flight with my bike.

2. Where do you stay each night? Are you camping? Hotels? Do you book ahead?
I have camping gear which I've used once,  and plan to continue using once the weather is warmer. Until then, I'm staying at motels, hostels, b+bs, and people willing to put me up for the night.  I don't usually book in advance unless I'm positive when and where I'll be on a given day. So far I've only booked in advance for the hostels in Montreal and Quebec.

3. Why did you start in April, isn't it too cold?
I have a mid July deadline to be back in Toronto which can't be postponed. So factoring in potential setbacks and delays,  that meant I had to leave by mid April.

4. What did you bring with you?
Camping gear, gps, phone, wallet, solar charger, guide book,  journal, pencil case, bike tools, bear spray, basic toiletries, hoodie, long sleeve dry-fit, two short sleeve dry-fit, two cycling sorts,  gloves,  sunglasses, cap, toque,  sleeping bag, tent,  socks,  underwear, shoes, towel.

5. How do you know how far to ride each day?
I use a combination of guidebook recommendation, my own goal of 100km per day, and how I'm feeling at the time. Bare minimum is what the guidebook recommends - that keeps me on schedule,  but I want to try and push that as often as possible.

6. How long will it take?
Factoring in flight and days off, I should be home by July 10th.

7. How do you have time to do this?
I bought myself a year off.

8. Do you take days off?
I want to keep as regular a routine as possible, so ideally I'm riding everyday. I've factored in days off for bad weather, injury, or personal choice. So far I've take one day off to have fun in Montreal.

9. What did you do to train?
Nothing. This ride IS training.

10. Why the hell are you doing this?
It seems doable.