Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 5 and 6: La Belle Province

I had almost no wifi access yesterday, so this will cover two days. After leaving the motel yesterday, I had it in my mind to cover 125kms - both to get back on track for my daily average and to hit 500kms. It proved a little stressful as there were long stretches where I had no idea when or if rest stops were imminent. Also, my gps kept cutting out and my phone couldn't pick up wifi anywhere. I didn't know where I was going half the time and was completely surprised when I passed over into Quebec, I didn't think I'd be doing that until today. So Montreal is only 60km away as the crow flies and I expect to reach it by early afternoon.

 This one's for my MTCS colleagues.
 I somehow dropped my phone after taking this picture and didn't realize until 2km up the road. This would prove portentous.

 I debated the safety of positioning Gracie on such a steep decline over a drainage ditch. I should have been more concerned for my phone. It fell out of my pocket as I was retrieving her, now it has a lovely broken screen.

 Motel Rive du Lac was my sanctuary for the night.

8am, off to Montreal!

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  1. Dang, sucks about your phone. At least it still works though? Thanks for all the updates this is a fun adventure for me too.