Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 11: More cold, rain and headwind - YAY!

Quebec is a beautiful city and it was nice to have almost a full day to explore it.

Today I woke up to brilliant sunshine and a lot of motivation.  But sure enough as soon as I crossed the river to Levis, the clouds moved in and the nuclear winter that I rode through for the past two days returned. I got in my 100km for the day,  but it's starting to kinda suck. I've had dry shoes for 4 of 11 days since I left,  and I can't figure out how the head winds have been able to track me through every twist and turn for three days.

The head wind got so bad today that it would stop me in my tracks whenever I stopped pedaling - even on some of the down hills. It was a struggle just to crawl along,  and being pelted by cold rain was just insulting.

To be completely honest,  at this point I'm just doing this for the sake of getting it done, I'm not enjoying these rides at all. I love riding,  and I love a good athletic challenge, but this weather is really sapping my motivation. I need sun and a dry day soon.

However, I was able to get some pics in before the rain hit. Here's hoping for better weather tomorrow.

 Another cold and dreary day.

Goodbye Quebec City!

The Lonely Tree followed me across the river, I think it's my spirit guide.

Lonely Tree shows up again.

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