Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 10: A little context goes a long way

This morning looked a lot like yesterday morning. If I hadn't had the ride I did yesterday,  you might very well be reading that same post today,  but you won't. Today was cold - but not as cold as yesterday. Today I had head wind - but not as bad as yesterday. Today had rain, but not nearly as much as yesterday. Today had hills - but not as bad as...okay the hills were as bad as yesterday but I kinda like hills.

In short, today was another miserable ride that actually felt really good - because of yesterday.

Now I'm relaxing in Quebec, 880kms into my ride, and trying to plan out the next few days. The problem is I don't have any more short term goals before hitting St. Johns on the 18th(ish). It looks like my path keeps me on hwy 132 until New Brunswick,  so I'll probably just pack on the miles until then, then reassess, unless you guys have any suggestions?

 My b+b sanctuary, breakfast time.

 This is the view from their kitchen.

There was no separating the St. Lawrence from the cloud cover. I feared another day of freezing showers.

This lonely tree in the frozen expanse shared my pain.

Power lunch with Gracie.

My hostel roommate

Someone got smoked.

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