Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Almost Took the Day Off

I woke up this morning to -2 temp and a blizzard outside. Since the weather is going to pick up for the rest of the week I strongly considered taking the day off and starting fresh tomorrow. After all, what could it hurt? I've got plenty of time, no need to torture myself, right? But then I remembered how easy it is to rationalize laziness. Today it's a little snow, tomorrow it will be too windy, next week it'll be a hill I don't feel like climbing. There will be days that this country will force me to take off, but today is not one of them. I've covered 55km so far today and it's been anything but torture. I'm enjoying my brief access to wifi at a nice pub in Brighton before finishing off the day in Belleville. Tomorrow, Kingston!
8am this morning. Not inspiring.

Goodbye, Port Hope!

This is what 90% of my day looked like.


  1. happy for you dude!!!!!! good luck!

  2. Way to nut up! At this point you've done it a bunch of times since. Good on you.