Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 77-78: Arrival Home

I was hoping to cover art least 150km from Lion's Head yesterday, leaving only 100-or-so kilometers to get home today. Unfortunately the rain put a damper on things and I was only able to make it about 75km to Chatsworth.

Fortunately today was a great day for a 175km ride to finish up the trip. After climbing up rolling hills for the first 100km, the route was mostly downhill once I crossed over the Niagara Escarpment. Cool, overcast conditions made way for sunshine and gentle tailwind as I entered the GTA.

Stats for the trip:
87 days (including flight layover, and days off for weather and rest)
67 riding days
Total distance cycled - 7988km
Daily riding average - 119.22km
Maximum daily distance: 213km
Maximum speed: 68km/hr

Arrival home today

Rainy start for my ride out of Lion's Head yesterday

Getting an early start on the ride to Toronto

Prophetic intersection in Markdale

About to enter Niagara Escarpment where I set a new speed record for the trip

Sexy buildings in Mississauga