Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 75-76: Blind River to Espanola to Lions Head

Heading out of Blind River yesterday, I knew there wasn't any chance of covering the 220km to South Baymouth in time for the ferry, so I settled for splitting it up over two days.

There isn't anything significant to note for the rides leading to South Baymouth. The road was in good condition, the hills were frequent but manageable, and the wind was present but sporadic.

After waiting three hours in South Baymouth for the ferry, and sitting for an hour and a half through the ferry ride, I was eager to get some miles under my belt when we landed rather than find a place in Tobermory for the night.

That decision almost burned me as I found myself 50km out of the city with the sun already set behind me and no sign of a motel. I was five minutes away from tenting in a farmer's field when I finally came across a motel in Lions Head.

*Note- I'm posting this a day late due to wifi issues. This morning looks like a full day of rain ahead of me. I'm currently in Wiarton, hoping to get in another 100km for the day.

Leaving Blind River

Serpent River

Leaving Tobermory on the Chi-Cheemaun

Glorious sea gull soaring majestically over ferry-goers, waiting for scraps and garbage

Starting to regret my decision not to stay in Tobermory for the night

In the nick of time

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