Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 73: Sault Ste Marie

If you're cycling through Sault Ste Marie,  make sure you stop at Vélorution Bike & Ski shop. They use their back lot as a campground for touring cyclists which is free to use. They have 24hr washroom facilities and free wifi, and are also conveniently located right on the Trans-Canada. Great little oasis.

Weird story that happened but sounds totally made up:
I was looking for a bar to catch the end of the Jays game yesterday and walked into the only one I could find with the game on. The bartender said they don't allow backpacks in the bar (I resisted the urge to tell her it was a pannier). I said okay,  do you want me to put it behind the bar or something?  She said no,  you just can't have it in here. Although offended at this stupid policy, the Jays game was going into extra innings and I wanted to watch it. So I went outside and put the pannier back on my bike,  removed all the contents, went back inside, put all my crap on the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender then asked for my ID. This was getting irritating, but I gave her my drivers license which she studied intently, then went to confer with the other server,  came back and said it doesn't look like me. I showed her my health card for good measure and explained that the beard's new but I'm clearly the dude in both pictures. She reluctantly conceded and asked me what I was doing in the Soo,  as she gave me my beer. I told her I was biking across Canada. I mentioned something about having trouble finding places to grab a drink in some of the places I've passed through,  noting that the last bar I passed by was almost 350km back in White River.  She squinted her eyes at me,  and asked me what I ordered there. Odd question,  but I told her I was drinking Kokanee. She said,  I thought so,  I was your server. I work here on weekends and White River during the week.

Sunset over Lake Superior

Agawa Bay Campground

Best bike shop ever

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